Dr. Dante Dixson's Biography

Dante D. Dixson received his Bachelor’s degree (Honors) in psychology, Master’s degree in education, and Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, he serves as a tenure-track faculty member at Michigan State University within the School and Education Psychology Programs and is certified for the practice of psychology both inside and outside of schools.

The author or co/author of over 30 scholarly articles, research presentations, and book chapters, Dr. Dixson is a recipient of the Cota Robles Fellowship (from UC Berkeley) and an African American Success Foundation Research Grant. His areas of expertise include the role of hope in the educational and psychological functioning of children and adolescents, positive psychology, psychosocial precursors of achievement, at-risk youth, the achievement gap, academic talent development/gifted education, and the translation of psychological research findings into school-based practice.

Dr. Dixson currently serves on the editorial boards of Gifted Child Quarterly, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, and Journal of Black Psychology. In addition, he is a board member for the Roeper Institute, Boys Hope Girls Hope-Detroit, and the Michigan Association of Gifted Children. Dr. Dixson is a member of several professional associations, including the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, the National Association for Gifted Children, and the Association for Psychological Science.

Previously, Dr. Dixson served as the Managing Editor of Review of Educational Research from 2013 through 2016, an editorial board member for New School Psychology Bulletin from 2015 to 2017, and as an intervention consultant for Detroit Public Schools from 2016 to 2017.